Sakthiman Marine Plywood is manufactured under strict ISI 710 specification and is made of 100% Gurjan hardwood veneers peel out from fully matured trees to around 60 years old. We give all rights to our customers to test out product of any doubt on our product, we given all rights to our customers to get our product tested at the CENTRE FOR Testing and Evaluation of Wood Composition, At the Centre Which is Functioning under INDIAN PLYWOOD INDUSTRIES RESEARCH AND TRAINING INSTITUTE, Post Bag No: 2273, Tumkur Road, Bangalore 560022.

What other guarantee could a manufacturer give to its customers? We, therefore, give 100% guarantee against the wood used in Sakthiman

Sakthiman is made of 100% fully matured Gurjan hardwood and it is the only marine plywood that is manufactured in one quality and one grade. It doesn't have any other grades or quality of product available in the market. Customers, therefore, are warned against being get duped by duplicate products. It is our request to the customers that procure Sakthiman product only from our authorized dealers or through our field executives.

Sakthiman Plywood’s is the result evolved by our Luminous technical forces’ relentless work together which does not relax even after attaining the paramount quality of our product. We continue to strive further into the field of marine plywood industry. We mean to say that we make no compromise in regard to quality. In other words we make marine plywood to last longer irrespective of the fields of its application

Almost all the manufacturers of plywood in India use only Gurjan hardwood as face veneers. The secret behind it is nothing but Gurjan is the only hardwood that can provide maximum strength, sturdiness and durability to plywood's. The unique feature of Sakthiman Marine Plywood is that we use only imported Gurjan hardwood in its making. Extreme care is always been taken to ensure that no part of sapwood is present in the veneers before they are bonded to make the marine board.

It is the extra ordinary and sole feature, unlike other products of marine plywood, of Sakthiman Marine Board is that it is made of 100% Imported Gurjan hardwood that is more than 70 years old. Not only face of Gurjan hardwood.
All veneers selected for the making of Sakthiman Marine Plywood undergo numerous chemical processes before they are being turned to be marine board by nay kinds of insects especially by borers and termites.

The veneers are then dried under controlled temperature and pressure. This process helps it to have maximum compactness of fiber and climatic changes will have no boards. Moreover, this process prevents the board from absorbing moisture.

Sakthiman Marine plywood is flawlessly bonded under heavy hydraulic pressure using specially formulated Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic resin prepared by us, than subjected to special post manufacturing treatment to guard it from fungus, and that tested in Boiling Water for about 100 hours. The process by which we manufacture marine plywood has set a new horizon for the future, and our endeavor will remain to serve our valuable customers in the day to come.

Evidently, Sakthiman Marine Plywood does meet with ISI 710 standards. We are proud to bring it to the notice of the customers that our product is manufactured far above the standard of ISI requirements needed for BWP Marine Plywood. It is tested in Boiling Water for about 100 hours to test its endurance in water but it can withstand any type of climatic variations including in ice, snow even in sea water.

There, Sakthiman is sakthiman in every aspect, whether in the case of durability, aspect, whether in the case of durability, sturdiness, strength, resistance to moisture or wood carving insects like Termites and Borers. The above features of Sakthiman Marine Marine Plywood explode its unquenchable demand in the market. It is totally approved, accepted and recommended by engineers, contractors and artisans in the field of construction throughout Kerala.

As it has been explained above, Sakthiman possesses for better quality that what is required for ISI standards. Our customers who used our product, thought Kerala, have approved and acceptance by our valuable customers as the best approval of our product that the ISI certification. We, therefore, honor this acceptance and the faith our endeavor to keep the standard of our product even better in the days to come.

This is for the notice of our public that Sakthiman Marine Plywood does not have different quality products. We manufacture only one quality of marine plywood made 100% Gurjan hardwood, and this extraordinary feature of Sakthiman makes it very popular.

We, therefore, request our customers to buy our product only from the authorized dealers widely spread throughout Kerala. Of course, do not forget to demand for a Sakthiman Guarantee Card, from our authorized dealer, the bears a Three Dimensional Sakthiman Hologram. This will help you not to be cheated or bluffed with duplicate products that might be sold in the market. We give all rights to our valuable customer to test our products to find out whether it is to test our product to find out whether it is totally made of Gurjan hardwood or not. In the event of any doubt on product tested at the centre for Testing and Evaluation of Wood Composites, a centre which is functioning under INDIAN PLYWOOD INDUSTRIES RESEARCH AND TRAINING INSTITUTE, Post Bag No. 2273, Tumkur Road, Bangalore - 560 022. What other guarantee a manufacturer can give to its customers? We, therefore, give 100% guarantee for the wood used in the making of Sakthiman Marine Plywood